Blogging at the time of covid_19.

We all have our own ways of reacting and responding to the pandemic. I, for one, cannot bring myself to write, so I’m inspired by people who are using this time of isolation and lockdown to document their thoughts and observations and to find new and creative ways to interact with one another.

Launching new blogs and post series

Ann Morgan, the London-based author who once read her way around the world, launched a new blog, A Journal of the Plague Year, to “explore the shifts that this period will bring,” she writes. Heather Mason, a blogger in Johannesburg, started a Joburg COVID-19 Lockdown Journal, filed under the “lockdown” tag of her blog, 2Summers.

Explore Heather Mason’s Joburg COVID-19 Lockdown Journal.

Blogging is also very much a collaborative and cathartic activity, and some writers have come together — on group sites like — to share meditations, rants, and the half-baked messages scribbled in their notebooks.

In this spirit of community, Nicole Melancon at Thirdeyemom published an update, “Hello from Minnesota,” on how she’s doing in her corner of the world, encouraging readers to do the same and virtually check in with each other.

Sharing and documenting through art

Many artists and educators are inspiring people to tap into their creativity at home. Danny Gregory, based in New York City, hosts live drawing parties online, sharing tips from his Sketchbook Skool archive. Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks resurfaced on her blog, Busy Mockingbird, to share black-and-white sketches for use as coloring pages.

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